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API's 2014 Annual Appeal Campaign Invites You to Give and Perpetuate Compassion

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API kicks off its Annual Appeal and invites you to support the movement that is making a difference in families' lives and the world. Help us meet our 2014 budget and sustain and grow API's programs. Your gift of any amount makes a difference. Thank you for your support, compassion, and generosity. Thank you to the amazing volunteers who put this appeal together with so much heart.


Attached at the Heart makes a great gift

The new edition of Attached at the Heart is available now from your favorite retailer. Read about it and what's new in this edition.

Attached Family 2013 Loving Uniquely Issue Available Now!

The Attached Family 2013 Loving Uniquely Issue is about loving each of our children as individuals with unique character traits. But this can be difficult to do in a culture that increasingly blames behavior on disorders and difficult temperament.

"Difficult" and "different" are not synonymous with "disordered"...

In this issue of Attached Family, we delve into temperament and how it intersects with parenting and the development of attachment style, and we challenge the notion that every hard-to-handle child needs a diagnosis.

Read online free of charge, print at no charge, or purchase a bound print-on-demand issue -- just don't miss it!

Access your copy today with your API Membership. Members click here (use login information provided in your email notice, or visit the API Member Forum). Not a member? Join today. It's free.

API Reads

Learn about Emotion Coaching through the developmental stages. Discuss how Emotion Coaching helps keep your children become resilient. Find out how aware you are of your own emotions if you are to be effective with Emotion Coaching. Most of all, have some coffee and tea while you enjoy a break from your day to enjoy some inspiration and discussion with others on your parenting journey. Join the discussion on GoodReads. Buy Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman, Ph.D. today using API's link to give us a commission!

API and Research Community Find Anti-Bedsharing Recommendations Unsupported

» API Response to Assertion that Bedsharing Increases SIDS

» Media Analysis Guidelines for Parents

» API Infant Sleep Safety Campaign

» Bedsharing Discussion History

Browse API's Teleseminar recordings - certain to inspire you!

Attachment Parenting International knows that some families either don't live close to a support group, or are unable to attend due to busy schedules. So we want to bring parent education and support right to your living room with Ask API Live, a monthly telephone seminar (teleseminar) in which API Co-Founders Barbara Nicholson & Lysa Parker, along with author Lu Hanessian, interview members of the parent education community on a variety of topics. Check them out now and listen at your convenience.

You won't believe how important parent support is...

...until you read it. You can. See what parents have to say. You can be the cause of even more ripples with API.

Help us sustain this impact and create more stories by making a financial contribution to API today.

API Volunteers make all the difference

Messages from the AP community in acknowledgment and appreciation for all you do for families. Like to add your appreciation? Email us.

Thank you to all the API volunteers, from 1994 to today!

Honors, Tributes and Memorials


API debuts the new Journal of Attachment Parenting

The Journal of Attachment Parenting is an annual review of the most eye-opening research in sensitive responsiveness. For this debut issue, the Journal of Attachment Parenting highlights 41 studies selected through a review process that evaluated articles published in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals from around the world. An additional 324 studies have been recognized for their contributions to the Attachment Parenting community. Access to the online publication is free of charge.

November 2013 - API Links - Your monthly API enewsletter

Have you seen the new, streamlined Links? We've started a new site to make finding AP articles a breeze! You can find all of this month's articles (and previous months') on our new APedia site!

This month, we bring you news on lots of exciting topics. Click here to learn about hospitals that don't market formula, the relationship between oxytocin and depression, API's new Journal of Attachment Parenting, the redefinition of "term pregnancy," and much more!

API + NVC = Growing Your Peaceful Family

Featuring parenting expert and Nonviolent Communication trainer Ingrid Bauer! Exploring: What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)? Where does NVC and AP intersect? How can NVC help balance and nurture the AP marriage? How can you use NVC to shift your family from painful conflict to a source of empathy and forgiveness and celebration of differences?

Purchase a recording of this API Teleseminar for only $9.

"What it all comes down to: We want to know we matter. We want to be known and heard. Whenever there's resistance or conflict, check in to see what was missed."

For more on NVC and AP, see:

API Warmline

API launches the API Warmline to serve families in urgent or distressing situations when information or support is not available locally, on the API Forum, or the API website resources.

Need urgent help? Nowhere else to turn? API comes to the rescue (again)!

API urges families to first contact their local API parent group for ongoing and local support or seek support on the API Forum. When local support is not available, a message can be left at API's 800 number: 1-800-850-8320 for U.S. families, or a message sent to this email address. The call will be returned by an accredited Leader who can help. (As always, any life-threatening or medical calls should go to your emergency 911 number.)

Donations to support this program can be made on the API website or sent to API, P.O. 4615, Alpharetta, GA 30023.

The Attached Family: The Attached Family APM 2012 Support Issue

The Attached Family 2012 Issue on Parenting Support is full of what every parent needs -- support. Also good reads on API Principles, breastfeeding, cosleeping, marriage, parenting alone, clean rooms, touch, babywearing, handling criticism, separation anxiety, childcare, birth, crying, Leader wisdom, and more! Read online free of charge, print at no charge, or purchase a bound print-on-demand issue -- just don't miss it!

Access your copy today with your API Membership. Members click here (use login information provided in your email notice, or visit the API Member Forum). Not a member? Join today. It's free.


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