Our Honored Mothers

Dedications are listed in the order they are received, with the newest at the top.
To find a particular dedication, use this alphabetical list:

Renee Besecker | Kathleen Dowd | Janet Jendron | Janet Jendron 2 | Nancy Nance | Pauline Ellendorff 1 | Pauline Ellendorff 2 | Donna Reedy | Jo Wicker

Kathleen Dowd - Dear Mom, You have shown me the value of loving kindness, and I pass it on to my children. I am giving to API to pass on this support and message of compassionate parenting to others. Happy Mother's Day as we continue to work toward a better world for all children. Love, Caitlin ~ Caitlin Fisch (5/12/2013)

Pauline Ellendorff - In honor of my awesome 94 year old mother, Pauline Ellendorff. Thank you mother for all your loving care to me and our family~ Love you!! ~ Barbara Nicholson (5/8/2013)

Donna Reedy - This donation is in honor of my mother without whom I would not have the knowledge or experience to parent in the AP manner. It is by your example that I have grown in my role as a mother. You taught me what it means to love a child with all your heart and provide for them in the most loving way possible. Thank you for your love and your support. You were, are, and always will be the best mom and Mimi in the world. You are our angel! ~ Jillian Amodio (5/8/2013)

In honor of Renee Besecker ~ Samantha Gray

Pauline Ellendorff - I want to honor my wonderful mother who has given so much to me, my brother, and our family over the years. Mother has always been an example of selfless volunteerism, whether it was with church, the Bluebirds or Cub Scouts...so many ways she loved and nurtured her family, friends, and community. I love you Mother! Barbara Nicholson

In honor of Janet Jendron ~ Carroll Beckham

Janet Jendron - In honor of our mother, Janet Jendron, who is a tireless source of unconditional love, radiant encouragement, redeeming comfort, heart clenching compassion, selfless friendship and invigorating joy not only to us, but to everyone she knows. We love you, Mom!! -- Kathleen, Trip, Danny and Claudia

Jo Wicker (Grammy) - Your acceptance and encouragement to find our way on this path has been and remains an inspiration. Your active involvement in our lives and your willingness to ask important questions has given us the freedom to focus on our most import goals. Your contribution to our parenting experience is tremendous. I can't think of a better place to honor and express my love for my mother on Mother's Day.

Nancy Nance (Oma) - Thank you for your love, acceptance, hands-on support, and inspiration. Honoring you by promoting attachment is a small gesture in expressing our gratitude for how much your support has allowed us to enjoy connection at such depths with our children. So much love and thanks, Happy Mother's Day!